Inderjit Puaar studied Design Studies at London Guildhall University. Since graduation she has worked predominately as a Senior Graphic Designer in the marketing sector. Using her extensive experience in design and passion for travel Inderjit has written and illustrated a children’s picture book with a central character of a bus named Bradley. The illustrations are created through using a variety of mediums, such as pastels, model making and photography. Bradley the Bus encourages children to read and teaches them about different modes of transport, countries and cultures, as well as stimulating their imagination.

One of Inderjit’s main inspirations for creating a range of children’s books were her two sons. They sparked her interest in the content of current children’s books available and inspired her to create interesting and educational stories of her own. Transport for London, who have endorsed the book, have also been a key inspiration for this character.

Inderjit Puaar also took part in the Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012, as a volunteer in the Industrial Revolution section. This scene was just before the celebration of children's literature through the NHS section, which was also inspiration for Inderjit. The experience showed that any dream is possible so Bradley the Bus was launched at Stratford Library, during the first week of the Olympics.

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